Are u a fun games lover? If you are a person who is looking for a fun and excited mode games then you are on the right page. We are here with this article listing on the top 6 fun games that you can freely download in your android games for kids mobiles. Without any further delay let us fastly go into the list.

6 Top Fun Android Games for Kids

top Fun Android games for kids

1. Two Dots

Are you a fan of dots game? We are here with a similar game named ‘Two dots’ .The basic game play in this game lies in linking the similar colored dots . Its sounds simple but the difficulty in playing the game increases with levels. The dot linking will also be happening in various color modes as per the level. The simple, clear and easy understanding of the game has made it very popular. This game is available in all android games for kids mobiles in google play store.


Fruit Ninja is one of the most player-satisfying game. With its simple design and fun way of game play the player moving the sword to cut various fruits like watermelon , bananas and many more . Along with fun the game is very attractively designed which made it stand out among many other games.  It is one of the reason behind its long run from many years. This game will be available in all android games for kids mobiles in the Google Play Store.

3. Cut the Rope series

‘Cut the Rope’, as the name itself specifies player needs to cut the candies that are available on the enemies head. Yes! You are listening it right you need to cut the candies from the rope hanging on the enemies head. This is the funniest part in this game which made it so popular. A new version ‘Cut the Rope 2’ is also released where there will be approximately 200 levels in it. So, without any delay pick your android mobiles and search it in the google play store.


Candy crush saga! Who doesn’t know this game? One of the most popular games which has caught people’s pulse instantly. It will be even mentioned as one of the most addictive games ever. One reason behind it would be its spectacular game design and main plot of grouping similar candies to crack them up. The simpler plot has helped it reach to millions. You can enjoy playing this game in your android mobile by searching for it in google play store.


It is the cutest game available in the era of quick runners like Temple Runners, subway surfers etc. It is a simple and easy game which even includes all new day designs with 3D modes once the player reaches the further levels. There will be all new surprises with new characters and there will be everything for every simple game lover.  So quickly run and install the game from the google play store in your android mobiles.

6. Skyward

Do you like water pooling games where you fastly fall from the tubes? For you there is the ‘skyward’ game where player has to manage two circles where player needs to manage to go through the path. Otherwise he will fall into void. Doesn’t it sound fantastic? The whole experience is full of graphics and effects where you enjoy flowing in the skyward. The game is available in google play stores in all Android mobiles.

Hope our fun gaming list has helped you get the fulfilled list. With no delay install and enjoy playing all these games. If you know any more games like this feel free to drop a comment in the comment box below.