Slumber Queen’s FREE Fire MAX ID, Stats, Real Name, Monthly Income, and More 2024

Slumber Queen’s FREE Fire MAX ID, Stats, Real Name, Monthly Income, and More in February 2022 In many languages, Free fire-related content has increased recently. Many YouTubers, including Slumber Queen, a Tamil-language YouTuber, have risen to prominence.

She is currently on track to 700,000 subscribers. Her current subscriber count stands at 680 thousand. She also has more than 3 million followers on Booyah.

Slumber Queen

Slumber Queen’s Free Fire Max ID, real name, and more details

Slumber Queen’s Fire MAX ID is 525471774, and her real name is Pavi. Below are her stats as at today, 28 Feb.

Lifetime Stats

Slumber Queen has won 4308 games in squad games, giving her a win rate of 28.34%. She has a K/D ratio of 2.753 and has 29972 kills.

She has 2266 appearances in duo mode and 293 wins, which equates to a win rate of 12.93%. She has collected 3736 frags, which gives her a K/D ratio of 1.89.

This content creator has played in 1214 solo games. She has 64 first-place finishes which translates to a win rate of 5.27%. She has 2284 kills and a K/D ratio of 1.99.

Ranking stats

Slumber Queen played 96 matches in BR-Ranked Season 26 Free Fire MAX and came out on top on 29 occasions. This has resulted in a win rate of 30.20%. Slumber Queen has 285 kills, which gives her a K/D ratio of 4.25.

Pavi has never played ranked games solo or in duo mode.

Note The Slumber Queen’s Free Fire MAX stats can be changed.

Monthly income

Slumber Queen Income

According to Social Blade, Slumber Queen’s monthly income is between $35 and $554. Her annual earnings, however, are between $415 and $6.6K.

YouTube channel

For the last few years, Slumber Queen has been streaming Free Fire and uploading videos regularly. She has a large fan base in India.

Her channel currently has over 510 videos and she has amassed more than 30.47 million views.

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