If you are a gaming lover and looking for the ultimate gaming list to be enjoyed in your phone, especially your iPhone. We are here with the kickass list of ultimate games you need to download now (by this we really mean urgently now!). The below games are designed especially for gamers and the fascinating animations and features in the games cannot be missed by any game lover. So without any further delay let us have a clear understanding on the games to be downloaded.

5 Kickass Ultimate Games

5 Kickass Ultimate Games

1. LEGO Jurassic World

Any liker of TT Games should be accustomed with how to play LEGO Jurassic World. In this game player will be analyzing different locations while collecting studs and building up significant pieces to proceed in the game. The game should be understandable to anyone who has played any of the popular LEGO-themed series of games. Player will break through your way alongside a number of famous movie scenes as popular characters in brick form. Players will be amazed to see the dinosaurs that come in the middle of the game.

The LEGO series of games will always come as a fun filled pack to all age groups, and LEGO Jurassic World follows the same path. Apart from finding the game designed as per famous movies, player’s ability to be able to design dinosaurs and park is the most amazing part. This makes not only video game fans but also movie fans to download the game and enjoy playing it.

2. Battle Bears FPS Multiplayer Shooting Games

Overclock FPS is an action-packed adventure filled with heroes, machine guns, and firefights. Layer can opt from six different heroes, six multiple-player maps, and thousands of weapons. The game has hero customizations such as body armor and head gear, gratifying daily missions, and a chat option.

Player can GO PROFITABLE in this all new action-FILLED multiplayer shooter designed specifically for iOS. Experience thousands and more of hours of fun and invigorating firefights with 6 self-designable heroes and 6 stunning contestant maps. With unique abilities for each hero and take your team to victory. Prepare the team with hundreds of different weapons. Customize your body armor, head gear, and skin textures. The game even provides ultra-smoothly going controls which makes the player an all-time fan for it.

3. RISM:

PRISM is a perceivably ultimate journey through a microcosmic galaxy. Touch shapes and patterns to unveil authentical geometry. Each and every level of the game give the player an eternal feeling that will take him close to experience the cinematic , the technological and adventure world .

Prism is a normal, Zen-like puzzle experience. Through the 13 exotic levels player will explore geometric shapes that make up the elements of life. Player needs to Solve each puzzle by accustoming the camera angle, moving lines, flashing in, and moving objects.

For appealing and refreshing puzzle experience, Prism is a remarkable extension to your game collection. With gratifying visuals and sounds, you will experience a microcosmic galaxy with perceptive and delightful game plot. Resolve the puzzles at your own level and drench yourself in an introspective world.

4. The Room Three:

Introducing you to The Room Three, a real puzzle game in a wonderful material world. Pulled to a remote island, player must figure on all his puzzle-solving capability to pass through a series of efforts devised by a baffling figure known by the name “The Craftsman.” The game was designed having a chilling atmosphere, mind-blowing puzzles and exotic visuals. This game will take the player to a world where he will have to sharpen the abilities to solve all the puzzle games Succesfully and cover up moving forward to all the levels. As the player moves to all the levels he will have to pass through complex puzzle breaking levels.

5. Dead Effect 2:

Looking to push the boundaries of mobile gaming to another level, Dead Effect 2 is a animation -quality action science fiction shooter with high level elements. Follow the exotic and high standard storyline, player needs to track and evolve player’s character, assemble and raise the level of weapons, gear and high-tech body embed.

Dead Effect 2 has realistic ragdoll effective designs and sensational environments, along with hours of gameplays. The dead effect game will take the player through a high range animated experience which will be very fascinating. More over the added varieties of weapons, and high tech customizations is a much needed experience for any gamer.

We hope our listing has helped you walk through the ultimate gaming list and you will enjoy to the peaks playing this games in your phone. If you have a more refined list or any other queries please do fill up the comments box below. We will be happy to help you.