The Hidden Games information

The aim of this thesis is to create the best gaming experience for different player profiles, player a player-centric Dynamic Difficulty Level Adaptation (DDA) approach to understand, to bring an original game design methodology.

The Hidden Games information

By analyzing the raw data from the player within the game rather than providing a passive experience of DDA, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Flow theory used in this thesis and the subconscious preferences should be taken to assist in shaping the players tried their ideal gaming experience.

In addition, this thesis analyzes active video games as a new parameter using DDA and why some video games, trying to look for an answer to the question are more attractive than others.

In the past thirty years, video games, as a form of entertainment, from being a closed audienceā€˜s curiosity have turned into a media arm. Video games are the domain of our daily lives and our society seriously.

Toys, such as the belief that expands children's imagination, in the name of creating new possibilities of modern video games, play an active role in interacting with the receipt of this more than any other available means for the media to obtain.

More and more people are growing the time spent playing video games, the size of them not only artistic but also see it as a serious media outlet.

Video games, by a large majority of the gameplay and aggressive provocative things, still qualify as shallow. However, watching one of the video games is a huge difference between someone who plays a video game.

To break those stereotypes video games will love the games they create the most effective way to resist. They find that they are now ready to play a game as a shallow video game.

Marketing and depending on the nature of the business world games the audience (or those who do not like games) make games very risky and face some challenges. The creators of the game trying to find ways to spread their products to a wider field.

Adaptations of the books and movies by taking advantage of the current accumulation, the game would appeal to gamers who do not like to do and is not as difficult as it seems. However, as gamers, as well as those who do not make a game rather than a challenge to satisfy.

Today, a typical commercial video game for a $ 20 million budget, you can find easily. Ironically, the length and content of the richness of playing too many players purchased today's bitirememekte game. These games are very good for the target audience derecelendirilebilirken, boring, or too difficult for other players can be found grossly. At this point, million-dollar production is wasted.

The growing market for video games, while preserving the existing players to cater to different player types, and methods, is an issue to be dealt with in terms of a new generation.

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