10 Best Sniper Games For Android Under 1 GB Online/Offline

Hello gamers, You are here means you love to play sniper games. I hand-picked some best sniper games for you. These games come with good graphics and are also under 1 GB in size. 

Don't have a high processor? Have less than 2 GB RAM? Have less storage? Don't worry, all the games in this list are playable on any Android smartphone.

1. Sniper Strike – FPS 3D Shooting Game

Sniper Strike – FPS 3D Shooting Game

Sniper Strike game comes with a lot of features like you can customizing your weapons, And upgrading them. This game also comes with P v P support so you can get an excellent sniper shooting experience with excellent graphics.

Size:- 123 MB

Category:- Online/Offline

2. Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper

Hitman is the famous sniper game for Android. This game is a single-player game. A character called Agent 47 in Hitman needs to play like a silent assassin and kill the enemies with a sniper without getting caught by other enemies.

Size: 637 MB 

Category: Offline, Paid

3. Sniper Fury: Online 3D FPS & Sniper Shooter Game

Sniper Fury: Online 3D FPS & Sniper Shooter Game

Sniper Fury is a really exciting game with Superior action and HD graphics. There Are various game modes you can play such as story & P v P. You can raid on the other players and show off your sniper skills. The best part about this game that I personally like is you can also use assault rifles in this game in case you get bored of showing off your sniper skills.

The only thing that is frustrating about this game is that it requires energy to raid other players which requires time to get restored. So you need to have some patience before you get into the action meanwhile you can still enjoy the story mode. The size of this game on Play Store is 34 MB but there is an internal update of approximately 950 MB. 

Size:- 34 MB app + 950 MB internal 

Category:- Online/Offline

4. Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper

If You want to enjoy some sniping action but you can't because of low-end devices then Modern Sniper is the right choice for you. The Graphics are not that good but what else do you want in 10 MB, Yes you read it right this game takes only 10 MB of memory space.

Modern Sniper is an offline game with 2 different modes the first one is story mode in which you have to clear your enemies in time & the other one is endless mode which unlocks at level 5.

You can upgrade your character and buy your choice of weaponry by using in-game cash which you will get by completing missions.

Size:- 10 MB 

Category:-  Offline

5. Sniper 3D Shooter- Free Gun Shooting Game

Sniper 3D Shooter- Free Gun Shooting Game

As per the game size of this game, the graphics are good but not that much. If you love sniper games then you can try it. It has many levels as you play and win then other levels get unlocked. This game is totally offline but if you turn on the internet then maybe the ads will irritate you. There is a cash system which you will get by finishing the levels. That cash you can use to buy new weapons in the shop.

Size:- 47 MB 

Category:- Offline

6. Kill Shot Bravo: Free 3D FPS Shooting Sniper Game

Kill Shot Bravo: Free 3D FPS Shooting Sniper Game

Kill Shot Bravo is popular among sniper games for its very cool and cinematic slow-mo kill effect. This game is a complete action-packed with 4 different modes such as, 

Primary Mode: in these modes, you get to learn about the game's mechanics. It's like beginner mode. 

Breach Mode: In this mode for a change instead of a sniper you get a shotgun, The objective is still the same you have to breach in and finish your target before they finish you. ( You need to buy shotgun by using in-game cash from the store to play) 

Black Ops Mode: This mode is slightly similar to the primary mode; the only thing that is different is that you get to move around the map and kill your targets.

Assault Mode: This mode unlocks at level 2 in this mode you get an assault rifle instead of a Sniper rifle

Overall one thing that I can promise is you will not be bored while Playing this game because of the exciting events.

Size:- 110 MB 

Category:- Offline

7. Sniper Honor: Fun FPS 3D Gun Shooting Game

Fun FPS 3D Gun Shooting Game

The Sniper Honor game has very good graphics compared to its size. This game provides many interesting missions. Some missions are difficult to play and that makes this game more interesting. It has daily challenges. By completing that challenge you get a reward that you can use for in-game purchases. This game also provides you graphic settings and frame rate settings. If you have a low-end phone then you can adjust graphics as per your requirements.

Size:-98 MB 

Category:- Offline


Contract Killer: Sniper is one the popular games among Android gamers with more than 10 million+ Downloads on Play Store.

In this game, you are an assassin hired to eliminate your targets and secure the locations.

You get to travel across different regions such as Russia, North America, and many more. 

You can also play P v P battles, you can attack other players' bases and steal their resources. While doing that you have to build your own defence for your base. You can also customize and advance your weaponry and also customize your character.

Note: This game requires an internet connection.

Size:- 206 MB 

Category:- Online

9. Sniper Arena: P v P Army Shooter

Sniper Arena: P v P Army Shooter

Sniper Arena has a lot of features like tournaments. I think this is the best sniper game for Android. You can make a squad and join a tournament. However, you can also play this game offline. There are many modes like deathmatch, domination, raid, and duel. This is a very good game for you if you are searching for a multiplayer game that is less than 100 MB in size but provides a lot of modes and P v P battle. It also includes custom rooms so you can battle with your friends.

Size:- 78 MB 

Category:- Offline/Online

10. Sniper Game: Bullet Strike - Free Shooting Game

Sniper Game: Bullet Strike - Free Shooting Game

Sniper games come with a lot of exciting stuff. It has many modes like solo deathmatch, solo battleground, Team deathmatch, Duo battleground, and many more. This game has many maps like West Lake, Mystic Town, Arctic Village, Death Valley, and Nowshake Valley. Sounds great!!. It comes with offline play as well as online play. As you play the game more the levels and maps are unlocked. You can play this game with your friends also. I strongly recommend playing this game. The game size is very small approximately 90 MB but comes with a lot of features.

Size:- 90 MB 

Category:- Offline/online

So these are the best sniper games for Android which are less than 1 GB and can be played on any low-end device. But nowadays everyone has a good smartphone that can handle many high graphic games. These games are not heavy but very interesting to play or provide even more features than any high-graphic game. 

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