Who doesn’t like a pet? That too a Talking Tom that bothers you from time to time. This is the basic ideology behind launching one of the most successful pet games ever ‘My Talking Tom’. Here we are with all the facts about talking tom including the basic way to play talking tom games. As a bonus, we are giving steps that are needed to download Talking Tom for your PC. Get ready to have your favorite cat on your PC and enjoy pampering it.

Talking Tom Games for Laptop

Interesting Facts about Talking Tom:

Talking Tom History:

Talking Tom is the main character in the Talking Tom and Friends agency. Tom is a witty, excited cat, described as the world’s most famous and lovable cat. Talking Tom is a graphical communicative 3D character that users can amuse, pat, and play with with the Talking Tom application. Talking Tom was launched in July 2010 for iOS, the very next version was Talking Tom 2 in 2011. As of recent times, there are six characters (Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Ginger, Talking Ben, Talking Hank, and Talking Pierre) and 15 applications in this Talking Tom game.

Platforms that support talking tom games:

My Talking Tom games is a new in effect pet app for the IOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. This game makes you the virtual talking tom game cat owner and most interestingly your talking tom cat will talk.

How do I play with talking Tom?

As simple as it sounds talking tom games is a virtual pet that you are going to treat just like a real pet. Other than the talking aspect, you also have to feed your cat, send it to sleep, guide it to the bathroom, and even get entertained with it by playing with it. You can buy all new coats and eyes for the cat, new furniture, new playthings for the cat to play with, and more.

How do I gain points in talking tom games?

It is the easiest part you just need to grow your pet, Pamper it properly, have to take care of its needs like making it go to sleep, feeding it, taking it to the bathroom, and bathing it. By following all its requirements on time without making much delay your tom will grow and the more you make it happy the more points you gain. Meanwhile, you will have extra added sub-games like hammering a mice game, shopping for your cat, etc. which are added bonuses that help u unseal all the levels.

Let us have a quick look at how to install the Talking Tom games application on your PC/Desktop

Steps for Installing Talking Tom games for PC

1. First and foremost to create an application gaming platform on your PC download the Bluestacks application on your PC from here.

2. As soon as the installation is ready, then double-click on the installation tab and start following the installation steps one by one as led.

3. As soon as the download is complete it will ask you to log in.

4. As soon as everything is complete then open the Blue Stacks application just as u open any application like Word from your PC. In the Bluestacks application, you can search for ‘My talking tom’ in the application search button.

5. Select the application and install it. Remember this single download of Blue Stacks on your PC will help you install many Google Play Store applications. Bluestacks will act as a platform for installing applications.

Meanwhile, the app gets installed let us have a look at some quick tips for easily playing my Talking Tom games:

Trick 1 Grow your Talking Tom games faster:

You will earn a lot of extra bucks by just taking care of your cat, but it will take time until your cat is ready to have food, sleep, rush to the bathroom, and all. Fasten the whole cycle by setting the time ahead on your phone tablet or PC.

Trick 2 Getting coins easily:

This will help your cat to pass all the levels and stages quickly. You can easily reach all the levels by unsealing them with this trick. The more expensive the items that you purchase in the store, the faster the experience multiplier will increase which will fetch you. There are also plenty of ways to get free coins within the game, such as watching advertisement videos this is one of the easiest tricks.

Trick 3 Gain points: Little fun game with mice:

You can also play a small game with the cat where you bang on mice and gain coins. Whenever you watch a coin on a line in talking tom games, banging on the line with the hammer move the coin one more space till you gather the coin. And remember one thing keep on hitting the line till u reach the coin whether the mouse is present or not. Anything will fetch you points.

And by now your installation should be successfully complete. Happy petting. If you find any trouble downloading the app please drop a note in the comment section.