GTArcade is hosting now new cross-server Resource Tycoon and Team Tournament events for its MMORPG League of Angels. The two events place players from different servers against each other in PvP combat over rewards including powerful angels like Polly and Alecta and more.

League of Angels New Cross-Server Events, New Elite Giveaway Live

The cross-server Resource Tycoon event is an epic struggle for resources hidden in mine shafts! Players must fight against each other on a massive battlefield to collect the most resources before the timer counts down to zero. Players that are successful in doing so will win an array of fantastic rewards! These rewards include the angel Polly whose spell “Shower of Flowers” deals incredible amounts of magic damage to all enemies!

The cross-server Tournament is an event for the strongest warriors who want to whip the competition in intense PvP combat! Players spawn on opposite sides of an intricate battlefield and proceed to charge forth to give the enemy hell! The players with the most kills at the end of the battle will win prizes including angel Alecta who can cast the powerful spell “Holy Rage” that reigns down holy judgment on all enemies, dealing massive amounts of magic damage.

Alongside, GTArcade has put live another Elite Giveaway handing out free gifts including:

Gold x 50,000 (Spend Gold in shops to purchase helpful items)

Garnet Herosoul(For recruiting Garnet Heroes)

Players who want to gain a head start in League of Angels can NOW get a code from gametrickguides and then redeem gifts following the structures below.

First register At the Website:

To redeem the code simply enter the game and click on the Collect Pack icon at the top right of the screen (appears as a gift-wrapped present) next to the world globe. Enter your code and then click Confirm.