EPSXe for Android games is a PlayStation, PSone, PS1, and PSX emulator for Android users. This article will provide a detailed step-by-step way for epsxe apk download, epsxe bios android, and epsxe rooms and this will make your complete package of epsxe emulator. It will let you play all Play Station epsxe Games on your Android tablet or phone.

EPSXe for Android APK download

EPSXe is presently the best PS1 emulator for Android phone and tablet gaming. For that reason, it works without lag and is vastly recommended for the latest smartphones with Epsxe APK Download and Octa-core and Quad-core CPUs. We can say that the EPSXe emulator has finally brought the same PlayStation [PS1/PSX] bequest back on Android.

Stepping into an actual point for all the Play Station Game enthusiasts we are here with a detailed article and this article will be the ultimate guide for enjoying all your Play Station games on Android mobiles or tablets. A single stop where you will find everything:

EPSXe For Android APK Download Step by Step In Detail

Epsxe bios android: Bios are also important and mandatorily needed for smoothly playing your Play station games on android

How To enjoy playing Play Station games in Multiplayer mode using the ePSXe emulator.

And a few simple cheats and important features that will make your gaming with the ePSXe emulator free download easy.

Epsxe Apk Download – Detailed Steps for Download Epsxe Apk (Play station emulator) for Android Free:

Step 1: Open your Android mobile and using wifi / mobile data connectivity open the EPSXe Android app download here. (Control + Click) or please follow the button below to start downloading.

Step 2: With no difficulty, there is a download button present as in the below screenshot. Click on it. You can even use the download the QR code option for the Epsxe Android download app.

Step 3: In any case if the download epsxe Android app does not work on your Android mobile they have given the older versions as a list as well. You can try downloading a compatible version of the emulator epsxe for Android APK download free

For playing EPSXe for Android games having only the emulator epsxe APK download is not sufficient user should even hold ePSXe bios and ROMs as well. Below are the steps to download epsxe bios android.

Step 1: Once the completion of epsxe for Android download APK from the above-mentioned steps is done click on the download  

Step 2: Based on the region where you stay you can select among the detailed options as well as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 3: Now you are almost done setting up your epsxe free download emulator on your mobile. You just still need to complete downloading epsxe rooms.

Epsxe Roms – Detailed Steps for Downloading Epsxe Bios Android Roms:

Here we are with detailed steps for finding the epsxe roms and their epsxe free download.

Step 1: As for the above steps it is clear how to download epsxe Apk + bios. For downloading the epsxe roms click here.

Step 2: If you want any specific game rooms like ‘Tekken 3’ you can specifically find all the games in alphabetical order and download them.

Enjoying Play Station Games on a Single Click from the Home Screen

For speedy game playing, the user can craft the entire game's shortcut to the home screen after Epsxe Apk Download completion. A shortcut can swiftly start the game without essentially opening the games and selecting. This is also appropriate if the user has many games in epsxe emulator. To form a game shortcut follow the steps below.

  • Click and Open the application and Click on ‘Run Game’. A drop-down list will open.
  • Extended tap on any game. A popup will open asking the user to make a shortcut.
  • Users can also name the shortcut if user need it.
  • Go to the home screen of the mobile/tablet and view the shortcut.
  • Click on the game shortcut to initiate it anytime.

Multiplayer Game Settings for Playing Play Station Games with Your Buddies (Epsxe Emulator):

If multiple players want to play in a single time after Epsxe Apk Download completion then the user needs a supported keyboard or joystick. Users need to join the keyboard using the OTG to the Android and then place the buttons for the other player.

Both the players can use the keyboard to play epsxe games. The setup process is the same as explained below. To achieve this follow the steps below.

  • Join the USB joystick or keyboard to the Android through OTG.
  • Open the ‘Preferences’ tab, go to the tab ‘Player 2’, click it, and choose the joystick in the Gamepad choice.
  • Select the option ‘Player 2 map’.
  • Click on the ‘Up’ button after that press a button on the keyboard to dole out it.

Likewise set up all the remaining buttons to enjoy the Epsxe Apk Download version.

Now both the players can enjoy the game at the same time.EPSXe has a built-in come-apart screen feature for two players so that both players can play at the same time. This characteristic is not helpful for phones that hold up less than 10 multi-touch screen points. User can run a standard test on their tablet or phone to make sure the multi-stroke is on their phone. To make use of the split screen utility follow the steps below:

EPSXe Settings for Multi-Player Gaming and Tricks to Enjoy EPSXe Games On a Large TV Screen:

  • Click on “Preferences” then select “INPUT preferences” then select “Number of Players”. Then select the split mode.
  • Then click on the main screen and click on the ‘Run Game’ then select the respective game. Users can see a split screen with two different gamepads.
  • Users can view the horizontal split on a four-inch screen phone. This looks jumbled. Only split will work on lesser screens.
  • Click on the back key and select ‘SplitVert’ if the horizontal split is not working properly.
  • On the whole, the ‘SplitHorz2’ and ‘SplitHorz1’ will not function correctly on phones having screens less than 5 inches.

PS: If it becomes difficult to share the phone’s monitor then the user can use their TV screen to play the game after Epsxe APK Download. However, the user’s server phone should have MHL support. Bond the phone to the TV’s HDMI docks by using an MHL cable and enjoy ePSXe games on a large TV screen.

EPSXe Multiplayer Settings

EPSXe has fanatical support for multiplayer gaming. But the multiplayer trait of epsxe is not the same as with any supplementary game. Epsxe has a ‘Server’ and ‘Client’ setup which lets both players to play at the same time over Wi-Fi. Though both the players should split the same screen but they can use take apart Android phones as gamepads. To constitute epsxe multiplayer follow the steps below after Epsxe Apk Download completion.

  1. Users should have two Android phones with ePSXe installed in them.
  2. Join both the epsxe for Android mobiles to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. At this moment open the application on one phone click the ‘back’ key and prefer ‘Run as Server’.
  4. After that tap the game you wish to load.
  5. Right away after the game launches a ‘Server IP’ will come into view on your phone. Please note down this address. It will be something like ‘Server IP:’.
  6. Now on the other phone open the application click the ‘back’ key and choose ‘Run as Client’.
  7. The user will need to enter the IP address that the user noted above. Enter the address and click ‘ok’.
  8. Now both the players can play the game at the same time. The game will scamper on the ‘Server’ phone only; the client phone will only explain the gamepad.
  9. The multiplayer features are tested on Tekken 3 game and they will work great without any holdup.

Important EPSXe Features to be Noted Down and Special Cheats (Don’t miss that part):

EPSXe has a default gamepad layout in which the LR buttons are very very small. So on a bigger screen like that of Android tablets and Galaxy S7, the buttons will look very small to catalog input from the touch. So users may find that the buttons do not work from time to time when tapping. To resolve this problem we have to augment the button size according to the screen size for the best gameplay occurrence.

1. Modifying the Gamepad Layout Feature:

  • Open the application and go to Preferences then to Touch Screen Gamepad. It can be found in the button ‘INPUT PREFERENCES’.
  • Click on the ‘Pad Skin’ and opt for ‘Pure White – Digital’.
  • Click on ‘Transparency on skins’ and opt for ‘100/100′.
  • The vibration on the touchscreen option should be disabled.
  • Then click on the ‘Pad1 Format Editor’. The user will see a gamepad editor.
  • The buttons with RED marks in the editor mean that they are not able to be seen on screen while playing.
  • Then on your own to increase the size of any button first click on it so that a green box encloses it then click on the plus ‘+’ button on top to add to the size.
  • Likewise, use the ‘-‘ button to reduce the size.
  • Long click on any button and haul it anyplace on the screen then plummet it anywhere on the screen for your expediency.
  • Start over to the LR buttons. First of all, click the ‘L2’ button and then use the ‘+’ button to add to its size. Likewise do it for R2, L1, and R1 buttons.
  • Now after raising the size long tap the ‘L2’ button and go down it somewhat away from ‘L1’ so that there is sufficient space between them. In the same way, do it for R2.
  • As a final point click on ‘Save & Exit’ a popup will open tap ‘Yes, save and quit’.

This looks like a bit of a lengthy process but once it is done the final experience of playing the game in a multiplayer mode will be worth it.

2. Browsing the play station Games from a Sdcard or External Drive (USB OTG):

EPSXe can involuntarily search the user’s phone’s inner storage, USB or Sdcard storage space for ISOs and PlayStation epsxe games after Epsxe APK Download completion. This will also save a lot of time as you do not have to by hand load the game from the file index. It does not matter where the user puts the games whether, on the Sdcard, internal storage, or any external USB storage, the ePSXe emulator will scan the whole storage to find the games. To let this easily happen follow the steps below:

Make sure to use a USB OTG drive to play PS1 games from side to side it because you can put many ISOs on it. Users can put one PS1 ROM in Sdcard, one in interior storage, and one in external storage. Now follow the steps below.

  1. Open the application then click on ‘Run Game’.
  2. Click on the ‘Refresh’ key on the top right.
  3. One popup will appear asking for scanning all the games.
  4. Click on ‘ALL’ and stay for a few seconds because When this option is selected then the epsxe emulator will scan the internal storage, Sdcard, and USB drive (if present) at the same time.
  5. Lastly, the catalog of games will be displayed.

Initially if users are not able to see game cover art, just attach your phone to the internet or Wi-Fi and relaunch the application.

3.EPSXe for Android Cheats

As an added advantage ePSXe by design epsxe free download cheats for any PS1 game on Android mobile or tablet after Epsxe Apk Download completion. All you have to do is very simple:

  1. Go to Options Click on ‘Cheat Codes’.
  2. Then click ‘Download’ after completion of epsxe for Android APK download.
  3. That’s it all the PlayStation game cheat codes will be downloaded and users can enjoy playing them and winning them.
  4. As in detailed explained above the following reasons will make ePSXe the best PlayStation [PS1 and PSX] emulator for Android phones:
  5. Built-in cheat prop-up. Simply download anytime and no need to by hand add cheats.
  6. Easiest PS1 emulator to construct.
  7. By design, the emulator will search for PS1 BIN, ISOs, and CUE files from internal storage space, USB or Sdcard storage (OTG drive). This saves plenty of time.
  8. Supports both high and low-end Android phones like Galaxy S7.

Adding to this we are even presenting the epsxe games list (of games for PlayStation) that you would enjoy playing in the epsxe android app download emulator. So with this sample list, you can just try a few games in your newly added epsxe emulator on your Android mobile or tablet.

Resident Evil 3 – Nemesis

Tekken 3 [SCES-01237]

Metal Slug X [SLUS-01212]

Crash Bandicoot [SCUS-94900]

Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter [SLUS-00793]

Dragon Ball GT –Final Bout [SLES-03735]

Crash Bandicoot 2 – Cortex Strikes Back [SCUS-94154]

Final Fantasy VII (Disc 1)

Grand Theft Auto 2 [SLUS-00789]

Gran Turismo 2 – Simulation Mode [SCUS-94488]

DragonBallZ Ultimate Battle 22 [SLES-03736]  [SCES-00867]

Resident Evil 2(Disc_1)(Leon)[SLES-00972]

HarvestMoon Back To Nature [SLUS-01115]

Final Fantasy IX (Disc 1) [SLES-02965]

Castlevania – Symphony Of The Night [SLUS-00067]

Metal Gear Solid (Disc 1) [SLES-01370]

Need For Speed – High Stakes [SLUS-00826]

Final Fantasy VIII (Disc 1) [SLES-02080]

102 Dalmatians – Puppies To The Rescue [SLUS-01152]

Castlevania-Symphony Of The Night [SLUS-00067]

Ace Combat 3 – Electrosphere [SLUS-00972]

Marvel Vs. Capcom – Clashofthe SuperHeroes[01059]


Gran Turismo 2 – Arcade Mode [SCUS-94455]

Disney’s The Lion King II – Simba’s Mighty Adventure

Jackie Chan Stuntmaster [SLUS-00684]

Batman Forever – The Arcade Game [SLUS-00387]


Grand Theft Auto – Mission Pack 1 – London 1969 [SLUS-00846]

Final Fantasy Chronicles – Chrono Trigger [SLUS-01363]

We hope the Ultimate guide for using the Epsxe emulator in your Android mobile or tablet has completely fulfilled all the features that anyone would like to know about epsxe for Android APK download free emulator.

If any other information related to epsxe emulator is needed or updated feel free to drop a comment in the comment box so that we will be happy to respond to that and update our article so that it will be helpful for all the readers. Happy gaming.