Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were a sperm?

Imagine you are in a tube your consciousness contained in a small white round shape going left and right, avoiding lots of stuff in your way, and just when you get to the finish line, something whacks you and you explode.

Color Bump 3D Review By Ajendra Variya

Color Bump 3D Review By Ajendra Variya

Well, if you think sperm cell life is easy, you didn’t play Color Bump 3D. The main “protagonist” is a white ball with a nice shiny tail, which you move left, right, up, and down with your finger.

The look and feel of the game brings uncanny similarity to the male seed, but maybe that’s why it’s sooo fascinating as well.

+ Pros

  • A fun way to kill time while commuting
  • Enjoyable and therapeutic to crush through obstacles

– Cons

  • Loses something in the later levels as the challenge subsides

Color Bump 3D was made by Good Job Games and Fugo Games and I played it on a Huawei Mate 10 for 5-6 weeks. This will be a short review with some pros and cons, both technically and gameplay-wise.

Would YOU like it?

And do I like it? Well, I do think this game might be a good fit for someone who doesn’t have plenty of time for games and just needs something to distract him while commuting, during coffee breaks, between classes, or when your girlfriend/wife falls asleep before you do.

This is a game you can play for ten minutes and stop, but also an hour or two as well, depending on how skillful you are and how fast your nerves are affected.

It is a rather simple game. Your goal is to get through various obstacles on your way to the finish line. You are safe and done once you cross it, but before that, you’ll be doing a lot of bowling with those cubes, balls, triangles, and other things along the way.

The tricky part is that you can only wreck into objects of the same color as the ball you control (mostly white). Touch any other colored object before the finish line and you explode into a million tiny pieces. Uhh, the drama!

Now, did I do this on purpose many times just because I like the animation (and feel) of the exploding sperm? Guilty! The phone screen flashes white for a split second and you fly into oblivion in slow-mo, baby!

If you expected a Telltales game, you aren’t getting the gist of Color Bump 3D – it is finger, not story, driven. You either smash into obstacles, explode, or glide like a thread through a needle.

When you explode (and ruin the miracle of life) you have two options. One, if you are connected to the Internet, the game will give you an option to continue where you died. If you are not connected, you’ll start from the beginning of the level, which is not a huge deal as levels usually take 15-30 seconds from start to finish.

Graphics and Gameplay

Color Bump 3D is not a bad game, graphically speaking. It’s a pleasant feeling crashing into obstacles and seeing them fly away, quite therapeutic actually. The obstacles crush in a lifelike manner, following the laws of physics (AND reproductive biology), depending on your speed and force. The obstacles you hit fly away from you, depending on their size and mass. Color Bump 3D might be visually simple, yet it is a satisfying experience.

As you progress through the levels your ball changes colors, from white to green, blue and orange, etc. and the challenge increases, but around level 70 you get skilled enough to go through stages in, if not one, then a couple of tries.

Jumping balls, as I called them, deserve a special mention. There are times when you get to groups of balls that start jumping simultaneously, like a Mexican wave during a football game.

Visually, while the game looks nice, it can sweat some of the older phones’ graphics chips. Most newer devices though, can run Color Bump 3D without any issues.

Towards a Conclusion

It’s obvious to me Color Bump 3D was designed for one purpose only – to help you kill time and it does this effectively. It requires a bit of focus while playing, but you can jump right in without any foreplay. The game did irk me at times but also compelled me to find solutions to geometrical problems as no other game has. P.S. It’s been several weeks now since the review was done and I still have it on my phone.

What I like about it is that it doesn’t tie me up so that I have to play it daily, but occasionally, when I see it in the phone menu and have some spare time, I just go for it.

The one niggle I have with it was the slight loss of challenge in the later levels. The game made me so skilled that the more advanced levels became less fulfilling for a simple lack of the struggle I experienced at the beginning.

In my mind this might be a perfect game for a person of logic and geometry, a mathematician or an engineer, someone who doesn’t like fantasy novels or flights of fancy, but enjoys chess and tennis and has a few moments to kill now and then. This sperm cell gets a solid 7 out of 10 from me.