5 Fascinating Facts About Candy Crush Saga (in India)

This mobile/PC gaming application has gathered together a heavy count of followers from gamers everywhere and also from India. Some people in general might not understand why Candy Crush is being played by everyone.

We’re here to make sure all are well-informed about this game and its apt demand and acceptance in today’s gaming world. So without delay let us have a look at a few interesting basic things and some revelations about Candy Crush Saga. This will help you easily understand the game if you are a new user.

Facts About Candy Crush Saga

Fact 1: When is Candy Crush Saga originally created:

Candy Crush Saga’s mainspring is from the famous application Facebook. Candy Crush Saga was released on Facebook on April 12, 2012. Later on, Candy Crush eventually became popular on mobiles on November 12, 2012. The complete name is ‘Candy Crush Soda Saga’ which is basically released on Android and IOS mobile platforms

Fact 2: Basically how to play a Candy Crush Saga game:

Candy Crush Saga is a match and wins the game. The only logic that makes you run and win the game is your attentive mind. You just need to have a keen look at the Candy Crush game board initially and need to match more than three candies. This will make the candies blast which will earn you points. From level to level, difficulty may increase but the basic game saver is finding the exact side-by-side candies sooner. The sooner you find it the more points you win.

Fact 3: How many levels should I pass to win the Candy Crush Saga game

As of today, there are total of 885 levels in the ‘Candy Crush’ game. All the levels are subdivided among different episodes. To par from one episode to another either the user needs to get three Facebook friends added to the Candy Crush Saga game or they can unlock the episode directly through the store already present in the Candy Crush game. Sometimes even some extra points gained can easily help you pass into the new episode without the above-mentioned two cases. Many times your candy crush friends will become your life saviors by giving you life’s when needed.

Fact 4: What is the daily amount of members who play Candy Crush Saga

To speak about the popularity of the Candy Crush Saga game we can see it through the count of several game installations that happen for the Candy Crush game. Daily 26,437 people play Candy Crush Saga games. So you can imagine the number of people who play this game daily. The daily revenue estimate for the Candy Crush Saga game is $1,519,603. Candy Crush Saga is the top second-grossing game in Facebook gaming logs.

Fact 5: Why is Candy Crush the most popular app on Facebook

Till now Candy Crush game has the highest number of likes more than any gaming application that started on Facebook.

If we dig into details the main reasons would be:

  • It is a game that is free to install. So to play Candy Crush Saga you need not spend even a single penny.
  • The next important part is it is so simple and easy-to-play game that does not need any tactics to understand the game. It is so basic and simple to understand.
  • So its simplicity is the reason it is liked by most of the groups of people.

Hope our article has provided you with all the basic information related to how to play Candy Crush Saga and other important details related to its popularity. Please jot down your candy crush-related questions in the comment box below, and we will be happy to answer you.

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