Garena Free Fire is yet another mobile online battle royale game that has been in existence since December 2018. In terms of popularity, it is right up there with the likes of PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Mobile give or take a few differences, for example, a Free Fire Diamond Hack, instead of a V-Bucks Hack, like in Fortnite.


Free Fire Diamond Hack

Most gamers have appreciated their animation style, guild system, and, most importantly, the fact that you don’t necessarily need a high-end device to play the game.

Like any other free-to-play game with purchases to be made, most users feel left out of the game’s premium pack offerings. However, with the Garena Free Fire Hack that we are about to reveal, you’ll have just as much of an upper hand to rank first in every battle royale. It’s a highly addictive game with excellent design, and frequently upgraded territories to keep you glued to your phone, so be warned.

Before we get to the actual game hacks, it's proprietary to know what the game is all about. The basics of most battle royale games are to survive the longest. With Free Fire, you and 49 other players will battle it out on an island that you must enter by jumping out of an airplane.

Time is of the essence once you land as you will have to find all necessary items such as weapons, ammo, armor, and health packs to prolong your life in the game. If you see anything or anyone moving, the rule is to shoot first ask questions later.

If seemingly you’re not dead yet, you may notice the play zone shrinking on the mini-map at the top left corner of your screen. Once you’re outside the play zone, your health bar will start decreasing by the second, making you more vulnerable.

However, supposing you’re aiming for the #1 sweet spot and want an edge over the other players, then you should definitely check out this Free fire hack.

Garena Free Fire Hack features described

Let’s face it; we’ve all tried the camping method – quietly hiding behind some bushes and blasting away any opponent who happens to come by. While it does work for newbies in most cases, we must all agree that it is a shameless strategy, and quite frankly, it takes the fun out of the game. However, with the Free Fire diamond hack, you can brave all adversity and battle it out like a pro.

Free Fire coming soon DLC

A lot of elements that can be changed over the course of the game, and this hack facilitates that. Here are some of its best features:

Free Unlimited Diamonds and Coins

With the Free Fire Diamond generator, you’ll never have to worry about running out of game currency. Diamonds and coins are a great way to accelerate your game progress as you won’t have to wait for the free passes.

Unlocked Characters and skins

With the Free Fire apk, you are always limited to specific characters on the menu. However, with this hack, the power to customize your character with different skins will be in your power.

Unlocked ammo and weapons

As you advance through each seasonal pass, your character levels up with your progress. New weapon packs are revealed with each advancement. So why not skip all that and get it all with the Free Fire hack?

• Others include improved auto aiming, no recoil, and different armor sets, including helmets for maximum protection. It’s crucial to note that these will only improve your health but not make you invisible. Once you come under heavy fire, you can die.

Why should you get the hack?

The first and obvious reasons should be for the glory that comes in winning any game. However, if that doesn’t stir you up to take up this Free Fire diamond hack then maybe the following will;

• Almost everyone is doing it

• No hassle or password required – only your email/game ID, gaming platform and amount of diamonds/coins are required

• The dispatch of coins and diamonds is online and can be accessed via any web browser on your smartphone device

• Anti-hack proof through an anonymous cloud serves with the latest safety features

• The connection is secure and encrypted with no backtracing

• Anti-ban feature – If you are scared of testing out the Free Fire Diamond generator on your high-level account, then you should know that it doesn’t violate the terms and conditions laid out by the game that would otherwise constitute a ban on your account.

• Why stop on one account? Go nuts and try it with your friends’ account. There are no limits to the number of accounts you can use.

• It works! The Free Fire apk hack has been tested by thousands of users

• It’s easy to use

How to get the hack running on your Free Fire account?

Step 1: Download and install the game on Google PlayStore or App Store on iOS. You can also get Free Fire Apk online and install it.

Step 2: Start the game and create your Free Fire account.

Step 3: Enter your email or Game ID, choose your platform and select the number of diamonds or coins you would like to receive.

Step 4: Proceed to the next stage by completing any of the three offers presented to you.

Step 5: Log back to your game and enjoy it!

Free Fire Next Level Hacks and Tips

Even with the added hacks, you may still be blasted to oblivion. Therefore, we have devised different methods to keep you alive long enough to win the game.

Stay clear of hot zones

Most players eject from the plane and head straight to the hot zones where they meet other players already in full armor. If you don’t want to be part of the blood bath, choose less popular places to land on.

Stay clear of the danger zone

While you’re having fun, be mindful of the ever-decreasing circle that demarcates the play zone. You obviously wouldn’t want to get into a shootout with a minimal health bar. When landing, try and aim for the center of the map.

A good pair of headphones goes a long way

You can listen to the footsteps of approaching enemies or muffled shots of gunfire from a distance and avoid the area. Or, if you’re sneaky enough, you could stake out your prey.

Always go for the big guns

As with any shooting game, some of the best weapons to go for are shotguns for short-range attacks, snipers for far-away scoping, and rifles to deliver multiple rounds. The latter is highly recommended for newbies with poor aim.

Bush camping

If history has taught us anything, all is fair in war. Guerilla warfare was one of the best tactics deployed in history. Why not hide out in a bush and wait for your unsuspecting opponent to walk passed you? Just watch out for the danger zone!

Draw the pig to the slaughter using smoke grenades

Smoke grenades are the best way to grab the attention of any unsuspecting gamer. Throw one out and quickly take cover. While tucked away, scope out any player foolish enough to come by with your sniper and take them out.

Choose a female avatar

The question of female avatars having a smaller hitbox has often been disputed by most gamers. However, the opposite is true. Male avatars are bulkier with a larger hitbox, which makes them an easier target. Most known pro gamers go for female characters, and so should you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Garena Free Fire Hack

1. Will it affect gaming performance?

No. If anything, it will improve it. Garena Free Fire is not a processor hog or battery killer. You should be able to experience the game without any lag or stutters. Make sure your internet connection is stable, though.

2. Can I use the Free Fire Diamond Generator on my iPhone?

The downside of using iOS is its limitations, unlike Android, which allows for tweaking. You can even get a tweaked Free Fire apk on the web if you look hard enough. However, iPhone users don’t get that luxury unless you are willing to compromise the integrity of the device and void its warranty. If so, check out Cydia Impactor.

3. Which is better, PUBG or Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire broke records in 2018 as the second most downloaded battle royale mobile game with 182 million users. It was right above Fortnite and just below PUBG, which continues to dominate the gaming space. However, most people prefer PUBG for its better graphics. If your device cannot handle the game, then Free Fire is your best alternative.


Garena Free Fire Hack tools offer some of the most sought-after features of the game only available through in-app purchases. With the Free Fire Diamond generator, you can minimize your gaming costs to zero and game like a pro. After all, no feeling can beat that of rising above the ranks online. You can go as a team or go on a solo campaign against all the odds and become a winner!