Games can be refreshing, they can be entertaining, and good for time-killing. Do you want to know which game you should be playing to kill time? It should be Garena free fire for Android. If you have an Android smartphone with you then you consider yourself lucky. Simply by accessing the Play Store from your Android smartphone, you can download the world’s most wonderful game called Free Fire APK.

It is a brilliant game designed by Brilliant creators. When the person starts playing this game he doesn’t know how to stop. This game is fun, interesting, and very entertaining. It is high time that you know what happens in this game.

Technically speaking, to download this game you will have to sign in. It is pretty easy to sign in. After signing in, you will land on an island with the help of a parachute along with the other 49 people. In this game, there are 50 players and you are one of them. Do you know what you are supposed to do after you land on an island with the help of a parachute? You are supposed to kill your fellow 49 colleagues.

Unless you kill them all there is no chance that you are going to win this game. The funny thing about this game is after killing all the 49 people you can be the winner. If you are thinking that winning is easy in Garena Free Fire for Android and Free Fire For PC then think again. It can be difficult but very rejuvenating. If you are bored easily or looking for a game that can entertain all your senses then Garena Free Fire for Android is the ultimate fit.


  • This game is fun, entertaining, and brilliant.
  • The graphic designers of this game have put a lot of effort into the making of graphics. In the literal meaning, the graphic of this game is to die for.
  • It is very easy to download Garena free Fire for Android. Just go to your Google Play and install this game for
  • To win you have to kill so killing can be entertaining in this game.
  • The beauty of the island of Garena's free fire is to die for as well.
  • There are new challenges at every step and with each new challenge, there is a new award.
  • As you move forward you will have many rewards including more weapons, more gems, and more machinery.
  • This game can be played with friends and family.
  • The free version of this game has Limited features but the Garena Free Fire mod app has unlimited features.
  • It is a brilliantly crafted game that is best to kill time.


It is such an easy task to download Garena free fire. We are all aware of the fact that smartphones that have Android operators have the Play Store in them. If you want to install Garena Free Fire for Android then access the Play Store from your smartphone, search, and install the game and you are good to go.

In case you cannot access Play Store from your mobile then you can always access it with the help of BlueStacks on your PC. BlueStacks is an Android emulator and it is brilliant to access Google Play Store.


Q) How many players are there in Garena free fire for Android?

A) In the previous version of this game, there were 30 players but now there are 50 players. If you want to win then you are supposed to kill all the 49 players.

Q) Will I have new challenges in this game?

A) Every step there is a new challenge. This game is fun, entertaining and very calming.