GARENA FREE FIRE: There is a variety of games that belong to the genre of survival, adventure, and battle namely PUBG a game that is widely played and is most popular among game lovers.

This genre of games delights the players to the extent that they get addicted to them. Free Fire is a type of game that will intrigue you at some moment and will make you an addict the next moment.

Free Fire was launched in 2017 by Garena Studios. The game is also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds. In 2018 the game was released on Android and IOS.  Free Fire was downloaded by more than 10 million people approximately making it the fourth most downloaded game besides PUBG, Fortnite, etc

The article deals with the hacked version of this game named Garena Free Fire Hack. This hacked version has its own perks that the users want to enjoy in the official one. Garena Free Fire Hack has more new features that will intrigue game lovers more.


The gameplay of Free Fire Battleground is concerned with the art of survival for a long time. People think that it’s about shooting rather it is concerned with how long can you resist being shot.  The players are landed on an island by a parachute. There are many of them and the one who remains till last is considered to be the winner.

You need to gather your resources for survival exclusively the armor. Kill all the other squads, duos, and trios to make yourself last till the end. Due to this shooting perspective involved in it, the game is also considered as a third-person shooting game although in a nutshell, it is a survival game. 

Garena free fire hack coins and gems

You not only need to collect the weapons but also the medical equipment to make yourself fight for a long. The players are supposed to camp at a safe place they need to swipe away the other players that come in their way of being the only ones alive in the end. That is how the mechanism of the game is designed to be either kill or get killed.

Avail the opportunity to hunt down your opponents by making groups and completing the mission of killing others by following the call of duty or going beyond it. Be in the play zone as being outside of it will result in low health.


  • Smooth and representative yet high-quality graphics and visuals.
  • Hide in the grass patches to get invisible to your foes.
  • Rob your enemies for medical supplements and weapons.
  • Experience a race against time hunts down 49 others in 10 minutes to be the only one left.
  • Enjoy 4V4 game mode anytime.
  • Deal with enemies being a sniper.
  • In-game voice chat enables you to keep in touch with your squad.
  • Use advanced weapons to kill your enemies for the sake of your survival.
  • A map that would guide you to the safe positions.
  • Camp at a safe place from where you can save yourself and kill the enemies.
  • Drive the vehicles to reach at any place you are comfortable for hunting down your enemy.
  • You can get it for free on the Google Play store.


  1. Garena Free Fire hack provides you with all those opportunities that make you survive and be the winner of the game. The Garena Free Fire provides the player with a chance to win the game easily. The following are the features that the Garena Free Fire Hack offers to the players.
  2. The first thing that the Garena Free Fire has gifted its users is that it is absolutely easy to use so you would not have to make tiring efforts in terms of making it useable.
  3. Provide you the opportunity to get unlimited diamonds that would help in further progress. As you are supposed to buy stuff using diamonds Garena Free Fire will be a good option to get them.
  4. The Garena Free Fire will make you avail unlimited coins that will be proven useful in terms of getting an edge over other players and defeating them easily for your survival and for winning the game.
  5. You would not be asked for a password while using the Garena Free Fire.
  6. Many users think that it might have bans but they need not to worry about this issue since Garena Free Fire has a secure encoded connection with an anti-ban feature.
  7. Moreover, the Garena Free Fire has a cloud server that will provide the best safety possible. So the users do not need to panic about the fact that their data is at risk or any other security concerns etc.
  8. Garena Free Fire has just not been accessed by one or two users rather it has been tried out by thousands and millions of them and all of them are satisfied with it and the way it works.
  9. Garena Free Fire does not bind you to use only one account rather you can utilize multiple accounts for this purpose.
  10. Garena Free Fire Hack serves you online It does not require you to download any special application just use it via your device’s browser.
  11. It does not occupy space because you can just access it through the browser.
  12. Get limitless health that will ultimately result in the player being long-lasting in the game.
  13. Garena Free Fire will give you unlimited bullets to hunt down more enemies at a much faster pace.
  14. Get Garena Free Fire to attain high speed to move around faster and consume less time to kill more people.
  15. The fire speed gets increased to ensure the immediate killing of the target.
  16. Headshot aim is another plus point of Garena Free Fire.
  17. Ping fix is another element that facilitates the users of Garena Free Fire because the lower the ping is the lesser the chance for the game to be lagging.
  18. Less fog will not make the view vague.
  19. The reduction of amount of the grass will result in fewer hiding places for the enemies making it easier to kill them.
  20. The ultimate advantage of Garena Free Fire is that you need not to root your device.
  21. Garena Free Fire offers an improved Aimbot to aim at the target accurately.
  22. An increased fire rate will help you kill more easily.


While playing Garena Free Fire Battlefield you need a sound mind and some tactics to utilize while moving around in the game that would help in aiming at the targets effectively. Players need to act upon the following tips and tricks that will help you out in killing the enemies without being harmed by their attacks.

This list of useful tips and tricks will help you find out your target and be safe from the attacks to a much larger extent. The simple tips and tricks mentioned beneath will achieve the goal of surviving till the end and winning the game by hunting down your foes like a pro without wasting much time and energy.

Avoid landing at crowded areas:  

 When you land on the island with other people everyone is empty as they find the ammo and supplies later. If you would land amidst the crowd you might end up losing the game much earlier as any one of them would find the weapons first and you might get killed.

So it is better to land at a place where there are no or fewer people which would result in finding the weapon quickly and easily.

Don’t just shoot, sneak, and scoot:

One thing that all the players must keep in mind is that this game is not just a sniping or shooting game rather you need to make efforts for your survival. This is true that you need to shoot to an extent that no one else other than you survives but side by side you need to camp, chase, sneak, and hunt also.

Make use of your headphones:

Headphones might appear weird to wear but it has some purposes behind them. Headphones will not just make you listen to the enemy's movements but they will also make you beaware of the gunshots nearby. By wearing headphones you can identify the position of your enemy and hunt him own.

Hide yourself well:

In this game, you either survive or die there is nothing in between. To ensure your survival you would need to hide in the grass or make yourself invisible to the opponent in a way that shoots them before they shoot you.

Dodge your enemy:

Move and run in different positions to dodge the enemies so they will not be able to catch you easily.


Q2. Why Garena Free Fire hack provides unlimited diamonds?

Answer. Garena Free Fire provides unlimited diamonds so that the player can purchase advanced costumes, more ammo, and health supplies.

Q3. Will the Garena Free Fire hack give unlimited diamonds and coins?

Answer. Yes Garena Fire Free hack will provide you limitless coins and diamonds.

Q4. Can I access the Garena Free Fire hack on IOS?

Answer. Yes, you can access the Garena Free Fire hack on any device.